Zavet Municipality

Zavet Municipality


273.87 km²


11 343 people


The main enterprises in Zavet Municipality are in the sectors of machine building, textile and pharmaceutical industries :

"Ralomeks" JSCo - manufacture of agricultural machinery;

"Brice Baker" - Bulgaria -  manufacture of galvanized steel silos and dryers;

The agriculture is the leading sector in the municipality - growing of cereals and industrial crops, rearing of livestock and poultry, mills and dairy plants.

 " AVIS " AD - production of eggs and poultry;

SSOZ "Class" Ltd.;

"Miller - product" Ltd. Ostrovo village – production of flour;

"MAKLER - Commerce" Ltd. – productionof milk and dairy products.

Cultural and historical heritage, events and natural


Ethnographic collection, a gallery and information center

Museum of the ploughs

Remains of the medieval fortress "Kaleto"


International Folklore Festival

Horse Racing - part of the national prize of Bulgaria


State Hunting Area (DLS) "Voden-Iri Hissar", based in the Voden forest offers great hunting opportunities.

Landscape site "Rasovata"

Priorities for municipality development

Priority 1 - Improving the technical, social and environmental infrastructure of the municipality;

Priority 2 - Increasing the competitiveness of the local economy

Priority 3 - Improving the quality of human resources by improving the quality of education, training and retraining;

Priority 4 - Enhancing the quality of life through the development of the environment and improvement of services for the local population.




Zavet Town, postal code 7330
19 „Ludogorie” Str.
Tel.:  (08442) 20 20;  0877 208 404
Fax: (08442) 20 16




Ahter Veliev

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