Samuil Municipality

Samuil Municipality


250.29 km²


7 660 people


The agriculture is main sector. Approximately 54% of the areas in the municipality are sown with cereals - wheat, barley and maize. The yields of wheat and barley are above average. There are a sunflower crop areas and –24%. In recent years, seems to be paying attention and crops such as lavender, koliandar or rapeseed.

Leading companies:

"Traction" Ltd. –Carriage repair plant;

"Octopus" Ltd. –processing plant for vegetable oil.

ET "Orient-sie" Samuil –mill;

 "Agrima" AD Samuil –mill workshop;

 "Unicom" Ltd. Vladimirovtsi Village –plant for extraction of essential oil products to the company "Lavena" –Shumen, "Gyuchlyu" Ltd. Krivitsa Village, "Unicom" Ltd. – dairy plant

Cultural and historical heritage, events and natural


Thracian mounds

Ethnographic Museum in Harsovo Village


Landmark "Kolchakova koriya"


Тракийски могили

Етнографски музей в с. Хърсово


Природна забележителност „Колчакова кория”

Priorities for municipality development

Priority 1–Improving the technical, social, environmental and administrative infrastructure;

Priority 2–Improving the business environment and providing opportunities for investment and development of the agriculture and the light industry;

Priority 3–Integrated development of the social sphere and increase the attractiveness and quality of life in the municipality.




Samuil village, postal code 7454

2  „Hadzhi DimitarStr.

Tel:(08477) 20-20

Fax:(08477) 22-67



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