Loznitsa Municipality

Loznitsa Municipality




9 265 people


The agricultural sector in Loznitsa Municipality has traditionally been a leader in the local economy. In recent years there is fast increases of raspberry and strawberry plants. Develops gardening, growing herbs and fruit.

There are factory for freezing of fruits and vegetables, and for processing of honey.

Cultural and historical heritage, events and natural


Unique museum collection "The kingdom of minerals"
Zoo, observatory and ethnographic complex in the school in the village Seydol

Municipality folk festival "Tyulbeto"
Municipal Folklore Festival "Loznitsa singing and dancing"

Ancient oak forest in the "Tyulbeto"

Priorities for municipality development

Priority 1–Establishment of conditions for growth and employment through the development and modernization of infrastructure and increasing the competitiveness of the local economy;

Priority 2–Integrated development of urban areas and increase the attractiveness and quality of life in the municipality;

Priority 3–Strengthening institutional capacity at the local level and partnership at national and trans-national level.




Loznitsa town, 7290

6  „Vasil Levski” Str.

Fax: (08475) 24 03

Front office: 08475 25 51
E-mail: obshtina@loznitsa.bg  

Web: www.loznitsa.bg


Ayhan Hashimov

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