Kubrat Municipality

Kubrat Municipality


439.93 km²


20 336 people


The tendencies in the local economy in recent years emerged as main sectors  agriculture and forestry, trade and services.

Approximately 34% of the areas in the municipality are occupied by cereals - wheat, corn, barley, and yields of wheat and barley are above average. There are a and sunflower crop areas, vineyards, orchards - mainly apricots, peaches, plums.

Major companies specializing in livestock are ET

"ASOTEKS" - H. Chakar" and ET "Marar - Hasan Ali and Ali Fathme" 

 "Ludogorie 91" is a leading company - manufacture of cutlery, tables, chairs and more, made by solid wood.

Cultural and historical heritage, events and natural


City ​​Museum


Landscape sites:

"Yuperska koriya" - a remnant of the former Deliorman forest

"Myushterka" - the natural habitat of wild red peony

"Peonies" - the natural habitat of wild red peony

"The rocks" - located in the village Kamenovo


City Festival "Bozhurite ( The peonies)"

National Competition for young singers of popular song "Copper voices"

Priorities for municipality development

Priority 1- Development of efficient agricultural sector;

Priority 2– Stabilization of  the economy –  investment attractiveness and competitiveness;

Priority 3– Enhancing of the human capital and improving the quality of life;

Priority 4– Development and modernization of the technical infrastructure and improving the quality of the environment.




Kubrat town, 7300

1. „Knyaz Boris I” Str.

Tel.: (0848) 72020

Fax: (0848) 73205

 e-mail: kubrat@kubrat.bg

web: www.kubrat.bg


Remzi Halilov

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