Isperih Municipality

Isperih Municipality


402 km²


22 692 people


Leading economic sectors in Isperih municipality are ceramic production, machine building and clothing industry.

Main companies:

"Han Asparuh" Ltd. - manufacture of wall and floor tiles ;

"Dobrudzha - KIT" AD - production of consumables and products for the textile industry , wheels , trucks and other articles of household and industrial use;

"Special wire" Zhiti - Ruse - workshop in Todorovo Village- production of special wires and cables;

"RMZ Sixth of September " Ltd. - manufacture and repair and other construction machinery , technological equipment and spare parts ;

"Ahinora" AD, " Melissa - Textiles " Ltd. factory in the village Podayva, "Semela" Ltd. - clothing industry

"Refrigeration - canning factory " JSC - production and marketing of vegetable and fruit preserves, jams and brandy ;

"Republic - BT" , "Nicotiana - Nord Tabak" JSC - Varna, with a workshop in Kitanchevo - buying up, processing and marketing of tobacco;

"Adonis Commerce" Ltd. - manufacture and purchase of herbs and spices;

"Jaguar 90 " Ltd. - manufacturer of machines for processing of PVC and aluminum windows ;

"Seed" SAD - with basis Republic - on - food .

Cultural and historical heritage, events and natural


Historical and archaeological reserve "Sboryanovo"

Thracian royal tomb - unique monument of culture, included in the list of the global cultural inheritance of UNESCO.

Getae capital Helis

Thracian fortress

Kamen Rid sanctuary

Early medieval settlements Byuven kasaba and Petrova Niva

Demir Baba Tekke

Historical Museum in Isperih

Ethnographic House in  Isperih

Ethnographic collection in Sveshtari village

Windmill in Belintsi village


The fair of corn In Isperih


Reserve "Voden - Iri Hisar" - opportunities for hunting

Priorities for municipality development

Priority 1– Balanced and sustainable local economic development based on traditional and resourced sectors and introduction of new high-tech industries;

Priority 2– Improving the quality of life of the population of the municipality;

Priority 3– Development of human resources and adapt them to the requirements of the European market.




Isperih town, postal code7400


Tel.: (08431)2178,(08431)  2006




Beysim Basri

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