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In Razgrad District there are a diverse school structure and network of kindergartens. To 2011/2012 the total number of education institutions is 150 /kindergartens are 85, primary and secondary schools are 52, professional schools are 10 and special schools are 3/. 2 of the special schools are for children with mental retardation and one speical school is for children with deviant behavior. In the town of Razgrad operates branch of the Russe University "Angel Kanchev". In the school year 2011/2012 in the branch there are 294 students, who study in three disciplines - chemical technology, biotechnology and food technology.
By 2011, the number of persons with higher education in Razgrad is 13,611 people (11.6%) , and those who have completed secondary education are 41,215 (35.1%). The share of persons with primary or lower education is 19.9%.

Medical institutions in Razgrad District are grouped in 2 categories: hospitals and institutions for outpatient care.
There are  3 hospitals for active treatment in Razgrad District with a total of 554 beds: Hospital " St. Ivan Rilski - Razgrad " /53% state-owned/ and 2 municipal hospitals: "Hospital - Isperih" Ltd. and "Hospital Kubrat".
Outpatient care in the region is provided by 54 outpatient primary care - individual practice (half of them - 26 are in Razgrad Town, 10 are in the Isperih municipality, 7 - in the Kubrat Municipality , 4 - in Loznitsa municipality, 3 - in Samuil Municipality , 2 - in Tsar Kaloyan Municipality ) and 4 - a group practice ( 2 in Kubrat Municipality, 1 in Razgrad and 1 in Isperih). Specialized outpatient care is carried out by 105 dispensaries - individual practice and 1 - group practice . As part of outpatient care are 1 DKC in Razgrad town, 6 medical centers - 5 in Razgrad town: Medical center "Ekaterina", , Medical center "Asclepius", Medical center "Health", Medical center  "Dr. Velkovi", Medical center "Retina - Razgrad branch" and 1 Medical center in Kubrat. There are also 214 medical and technical laboratories, 9 medical diagnostic laboratories and 8 hospice .
Dental services are provided by 65 outpatient primary care - individual practice dentists and 3 ambulatory primary care - group practices .
Emergency medical care in Razgrad has established subsidiaries in Isperih, Kubrat, Loznitsa and Tsar Kaloyan. In 2010 in institutions of emergency medical care work 27 doctors, 69 people college nursing staff and other staff of 66 people. These institutions have 26 ambulances and modern medical equipment.

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