Cultural and historical information

In District Razgrad there are registered about 1,200 monuments, together with thousands of artefacts and documents which illustrate the rich material and spiritual culture of tribes and peoples who lived in Ludogorie Area over millennia. First  rudiments date from the early period of the Old Stone Age (500,000 to 200,000 years BC) and were found near Razgrad.

Among the most famous monuments is the national historical- archeological reserve "Sboryanovo" in  Isperih municipality. It has an area of 6,470 acres and a security zone 13,304 acres. Within the reserve is one of the nine monuments in Bulgaria under UNESCO protection: the Thracian tomb near Sveshtari village defined  for monument of cultural heritage in 1985. In 2012 in the reserve was uncovered unique gold Thracian treasure from the late 4th century BC in the tomb called "Omurtag's tomb" defined as royal necropolis of the capital of the Thracian tribe gaiters.

The Historical and archaeological reserve "Abritus", Razgrad, with an area of 1,000 acres is a cultural monument of national importance. Abritus is fortification system of the ancient city, which has been studied and partially restored, exposed and accessible for tourists. Near Abritus in battle with the Goths was killed Trajan Decius - the only one killed outside of Rome Roman Emperor. The project under the Operative Programme "Regional Development" will contribute for major restoration and socialization of the reserve with animations, restoration of the historic events and the construction of a visitor center.

The Clock Tower, a symbol of Razgrad was built in 1764 by craft master Todor Tonchev from.

The Mosque "Ibrahim Pasha" , Razgrad is a unique monument of Islamic culture (1614) the second largest in Bulgaria after "Tomboul" mosque in Shumen.

The area has very good facilities and intellectual basis for the creation and dissemination of cultural values.

The main cultural institutions are museums, state dramatic theater "Anton Strashimirov", Regional Library "Professor Boyan Penev" Art Gallery "Professor Ilia Petrov", cultural centers, called “chitalishta'', religious temples of various denominations, and availability of professional cultural formations for the Performing Arts .

The cultural centers, called "chitalishta" are very important, especially in rural areas where they are the only public buildings for cultural events. These cultural centers are hosts various community gatherings, concerts, and has educational functions. In 2010, their total number in Razgrad District is 105.

In Razgrad District there are several professional ensembles - Razgrad Philharmonic Orchestra "Professor D.Nenov", Professional kapanski ensemble Razgrad, Folk dance group Zavet, Folk dance ensemble "Abritus", Children's Dance ensemble "Kapanche", Professional orchestra with traditional instruments and more.

Religious temples of different religions have in almost all places in Razgrad District. There are many projects to restoration of churches in Razgrad

District under The Rural Development Programme.

Cultural events in Razgrad district: Yoghurt Fair and Festival of folk traditions and crafts, Ilinden Festival, Days of the cultural and historical heritage and Corn fair in Isperih Municipality, Traditional folk festival "Bozhurite /Peonies/" in Kubrat Municipality, International Folklore Festival in Zavet town, Municipal Folklore Festival "Tyulbeto" in Loznitsa Municipality and others.

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