Transport infrastructure
Razgrad District is a major international and national transport junction connecting Central Europe with the Black Sea and Asia. In the region crosses the international road E-70 Ruse-Varna , matching the river (the Danube) and sea (Black Sea) ports of the Bulgarian territory and II-class state roads II-49 Tutrakan-Kubrat-Razgrad-Targovishte and II-23 Ruse-Kubrat-Zavet-Isperih.
Through the territory of District Razgrad passes railway Ruse - Varna, which is 5 km away from Razgrad town, in close proximity to one of the industrial areas of the city. The line serves not only national but also international flows and is the second component of the regional transport corridor Ruse - Varna . The total length of railway line in the field is 92 km.
In the period 2007 – 2011, were rehabilitated and reconstructed sections of the second and third class roads with projects under the Operational Programmes of The EU. Two sections of municipal roads are with increased class. As a result, the length of class roads increased by 5 km in the period - from 283 km, it is 288 km. As a result of activities carried out, by 2011 about one-third of the population of Razgrad with improved transport access to settlements.
Main priorities for the District Razgrad for the next programming period - 2014 - 2020 is the construction of high-speed four-lane road from Ruse to highway "Hemus" / project is included in the EU Strategy for the Danube Region 2014 - 2020 years / and building "Hemus" highway that will be near Razgrad District.

Water supply and sanitation
In Razgrad District operate two Associations for Water Supply and Sanitation with state participation and one is municipality property.
In Razgrad city related to public sewerage are Razgrad, Isperih, Kubrat and Loznitsa. In Zavet town and Brestovene village there is partial sewerage system for rainwater. Wastewater plants with mechanical and biological stage operating in the towns of Razgrad and Loznitsa and only with mechanically stage – and Isperih and Kubrat. In municipalities Samuil, Zavet and Tsar Kaloyan there are not built wastewater plants.
 There are big projects under the Operational Programme "Environment" for the water cycle of most municipality centers – Razgrad, Isperih, Kubrat and Loznitsa. There are and some implemented projects, funded by the Program for Rural Development and National Environmental Protection Fund.

Energy infrastructure
Electrical power supply to Razgrad District is provided by "Energo-Pro Grid" JSC, using 617 own and 457 municipal and corporate electrical power substations. Length of 20 kV overhead power lines is 1,045 km, and the cable lines is 142 km. The distribution network in Razgrad District is well developed and sized to accommodate the maximum permissible load. Technical condition of the used grids and facilities is good. For the period 2007-2011 in Razgrad District are built 5 new electrical power substations.

Gas supply
The gas supply in Razgrad District is carried out by "Overgaz North" JSC, which owns licenses for distribution and public supply of natural gas to all municipalities in the region. The gas distribution network in Razgrad municipality has a length of 55 km and 1300 domestic consumers, 60 public buildings and 4 industrial firms are gasified. In Isperih municipality are built 20 km distribution network. Gasified are 235 domestic and 19 companies and institutions. Gas distribution network in the Municipality Kubrat is 5 km, 17 domestic consumers and 12 public buildings are gasified. As a result of the use of gas, the domestic and industrial environmental pollutants in these municipalities fell more than 7 times. There is plan for gasification of Loznitsa Municipality.

Energy efficiency
To 2011 in Razgrad District there are 26 buildings with completed energy efficiency projects. Most of them are in Isperih Municipality (10). To 2011 in Razgrad District are implemented 10 projects for renewable energy.

Telecommunications network in Razgrad District serve settlements trough the local telephone network of a conventional type and 66 ATS. The level of digitalization in 2010 reached 89.2%. Major supplier of the service is "Vivacom". The region has coverage of few mobile operators "Mobil ", "GLOBUL" and "Vivacom". In 2012, 58.1 percent of households in Razgrad District have access to the Internet /national average is 50.9%/.
Postal services in Razgrad District are carried out by "Bulgarian Posts" Ltd. Branch Razgrad and private courier services companies: "Econt", "Speedy" and others. In 2011, the post offices in the area are 87, postal agencies are 14, the length of post roads is 1079 km.

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