Economic information

Leading sectors in the economy of Razgrad District are agriculture, pharmaceuticals, ceramics, clothing, food and light industry, machinery, construction only, trade and services.

In the time of global and national economic processes of crises, the gross domestic product (GDP) in Razgrad in 2010 compared to 2007 increased by 10.6%.

During the period 2007-2010, with the largest contribution to the economy of Razgrad are the services, followed by industry and agriculture.
Small businesses enterprises with up to 9 employees have the largest share in the economy of Razgrad. From 89.8 percent in 2007, their share rose to 91.9% in 2010.

The main companies in Razgrad District are:
Pharmaceutical industry: “Balkanfarma” JSC, “Biovet” Co, branch of Razgrad, “Zavet” JSC
Food and taste industry: “Amylum Bulgaria” JSC,“Mlin - 97” JSC, “Pilko” Ltd, “Avis” JSC, “Oktopod” JSC

Machine-building industry: "Druzhba" JSC, “Traktsia” JSC, “МАТ” Ltd., “Ralomex” JSC, “Dobrudzha KIT” JSC
Light Industry: “Mikro-67” JSC, “Razgrad Polygraph” Ltd., “Dobrev Press" Ltd.
Sartorial industry: “MAGI-KA“ Ltd., “Mellisa-Textile” Ltd., “Ahinora” Ltd. “Semela” Ltd.
Building industry: “Patno stroitelstvo” JSC, “Stroimontazh” JSC, “Abritus” Ltd., “Stroitel” JSC, “Ludogorie” Ltd.
Agriculture: “Agrakom” Ltd., “Agrostil” Ltd., “Agrobul-R” JS, “Agrotech” Ltd., „Аgrobul – R” Ltd, “Severagro” Ltd, „Agrotida” ltd, SSOZ „Class” Ltd, ЕТ „Asotex– H. Chakar“

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