Geographical information

Razgrad District (region of level 3 - NUTS 3) is located in the northeastern part of Danube valley and Bulgaria and covers 2.38% of the territory of Bulgaria (2639 square kilometers) and 17.62% of the territory of the North Central Region. It is bordered by the districts of Rousse, Shumen, Targovishte and Silistra. The districts Razgrad, Veliko Tarnovo, Ruse, Gabrovo and Silistra formed the North Central Region (Region 2/NUTS Level 2). The greater part of the area is located in Ludogorie plateau. Its southern part is hilly, and the north joins the Danube and Dobrudzha fields.
Razgrad district includes 7 municipalities: Razgrad, Isperih, Kubrat, Zavet,  Samuil and Tsar Kaloyan, and 104 cities, 6 towns and 98 villages.

The total area of Razgrad District is 2 639.744 square kilometers, which represents 17.62% of the territory of the North Central region. Razgrad municipality covers the biggest area of Razgrad District (22.7% of the district), followed by municipalities Kubrat and Loznitsa, covering respectively 17.8% and 15.5%. Tsar Kaloyan municipality has least area - 8.8% of the district.

Typical for Razgrad district is the high percentage of agricultural land (total 1,907,934 acres), covering 70.7% of the area of the district /on the national level the average percentage is 58.7%/. The largest share of agricultural land in the municipality of Kubrat - 74.0%, and lowest in Zavet Municipality - 59.5%.

The forest areas are relatively small - a total area of 547,142 ha, they cover 22.4% of the total area of the district, while on the national level average percentage is 33.6%. The largest relative share has Zavet municipality - 35.0%, and lowest has Loznitsa municipality - 17.8%.

The share of watercourses and water bodies (0.7%) is two and a half times less than the national average (1.8%), while the share of other types of territories is close to the national average: the settlements and other urban areas occupy 5.4% (5.0% for the country) areas for mining and landfills occupy 0.1% (0.3% for the country), and the area with technical infrastructure is 0.7%, with an average 0.6% for the country.

The cultivated land in Razgrad District in 2010 is 1,461,585 acres, and the agricultural land is 1,609,246 acres.

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